Affiliate Program Standards/Guidelines

We would sincerely like to thank you for your interest in our brand and products!

Before we dive into what it means to be an affiliate and be a part of our team, we would like to give you a little background and mission information.

First of all, we will be blunt in saying, “If all you care about is making a dollar. We do NOT want you on our team.”

Yes, MONEY is in our brand name and MONEY is what we need to pay bills and “SURVIVE”. We definitely get it. But let us explain.

MONEY, to us, isn’t the physical currency.


We grow food.
We grow medicine.
We grow our relationships with our family and friends.

Our favorite nutrients to grow these trees with are LOVE, RESPECT, EDUCATION, CREATIVITY & AWARENESS!
In the end, the physical money currency will come. That physical money currency will go. That physical money currency may gain or lose value in a physical money market. But who needs that if we have abundant families, friends, medicines and foods filled with an abundance of LOVE, RESPECT, EDUCATION, CREATIVITY & AWARENESS!?

We are not only here to bring amazing products to the masses, but we are here to spread a message. Spread positivity and love! If this sounds like a team you would like to be a part of, then let’s plant those seeds and grow MONEY TREES TOGETHER!

MDGOT! – Money Does Grow On Trees! Was established in 2010 as a clothing brand. We have gone through a whole transition from illegal “stoner” culture to legal medical & recreational marijuana and now the current CBD boom! Full legalization of both CBD and THC is on the horizon and we are positioning ourselves nicely!

This is an ever-growing industry as states begin to loosen the laws and people become more educated of this topic. We will get back to our shirt designs and fire up the screen press for sure! But for now, especially during this harsh year, we shifted focus on products that truly help people. Help in various ailments, naturally! We are providing the three major ways of taking these products. Flower, oil & vape. We will be expanding this range as we grow!

Now that we got that out of the way. Are you still with us? Let’s talk about the affiliate program!

What exactly is an MDGOT! Affiliate?

As an MDGOT! Affiliate, you would be a physical and/or digital representation of the company. You help create brand awareness by using our products and sharing them with the world. Choose any platforms you want. You will be given a control panel on this site just for affiliates. This control panel will be where you can track your leads, track your sales and progress. You will also be able to access special “creatives” that we as a company create for you to use as tools. These creatives are links and digital art pieces that help promote the brand and have tracking info embedded in them. Custom coupon codes will be generated specifically for you to give your customer base a discount on our products. They save, you earn! If you have specific ideas for “creatives” or need anything to help you along this path, we are here for you!

There is no up-front money required to be an affiliate. We will never ask you to pay us to be part of the team. However, we DO NOT give away FREE product to brand new affiliates. We do provide an affiliate starter pack if you wish to purchase. This starter pack will include 1 CBD Tincture bottle and 1 of each of the 3.5g flower jars with product, as well as business cards with your name and coupon code so you can hand out physically. For those who want to get crafty with their own business cards, we do allow this to a certain extent and would like all art sent to us for approval first. We do believe in expression, but we do also want to maintain a brand cohesiveness between all affiliates.

All affiliates must sign up for PayPal account. Please try and use the same email address you use to sign up as an affiliate. If they are different, let us know so we can send the money to the proper spot! Affiliates are paid out via PayPal every Friday of every week. You can track your sales and payouts in your control panel. If affiliate payout is greater than $500 in any physical month a proper 1099 will be issued for tax purposes.

You, as an affiliate, are an independent contractor and not an employee of MDGOT! – Money Does Grow On Trees! So you will be responsible for tracking your yearly earnings for your tax purposes as well.

Affiliate commission begins at 15% of each sale before taxes. For example, our $49.99 items you would receive $7.50 for each one sold. If you give your customer a 10% discount code then the $49.99 becomes $44.99 and you would receive $6.75 for each one sold with a coupon. Make sense? Should be straight forward.

As sales grow, we can increase the commission rate. Also as sales grow, the company grows. As the company grows we want to grow those who help the company. Sales Managers and regional sales teams are roles we would love to fill in our business plan!
As an MDGOT! Affiliate we do have a few rules and guidelines when marketing our brand or product.

• No use of the brand or product in any religious views. MDGOT! Is open to all and does not side with any one specific religion of belief.

• No use of the brand or product in any racial views. MDGOT! Is open to all and does not side with any one specific racial background.

• No use of the brand or product in any political views. MDGOT! Loves America as it is the country allowing us to be in business. But we do not stand with any one specific political side we are open to all beliefs.

• No use of the brand or product in a negative way. Why would you do that?

• No slandering other products or brands. Room for all of us to THRIVE!

• No use of profanity when mentioning our brand or products. Sounds childish, but we would like to be professional.

• No making false claims or blatant lies that our products CURE ALL. We have products that help with ailments. We know they work. Many people do. Unfortunately, the FDA exists and regulates things. If you notice the FDA disclaimer on our product labels. You can say, “These products help curb anxiety.” But you can’t say, “These products will cure your anxiety!” or “We guarantee your anxiety will be gone by using this.”

• No reselling our products on your own. We have lawyers who we would rather NOT pay.

If you understand everything mentioned above and this sounds like something you would like to be a part of then look over the next page which is the Terms of Service agreement, accept it,fill out the form and...